Silk has been know for years to be good for the skin and hair. The benefits that silk has for the skin are;

  • Silk has an anti-aging effect- Silk contains natural proteins and 18 essential amino acids which speed up the metabolism of skin cells and help to counteract the effects of aging.  The silky texture of the silk prevents the formation of "sleep wrinkles" and irritation to the skin, which results from constant friction with your pillowcase or facemask, whereas cotton and other fabric fibres are much more rugged.
  • Silk dehydrates less than cotton-with cottons capacity to soak up moisture being upto 30% and Silk at only 11%, this means that your skin will retain its moisture, preserving youthfulness in your face.
  • Silk is hypoallergenic- Silk retains very few germs due to the structure of it's fibres, with very little space between the weaved silk threads for dust and other allergens. Enzymes present in silk allows the skin to breath, gives a more hygiene surface to the skin of the face and therefore helps with control of breakouts and acne, with numerous antibacterial qualities.


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